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Keith Wobeser, PT, OCS, COMT
MAPS Faculty, Fellow in Training, MAPS Orthopedic Manual Therapy Fellowship 

Chris R Showalter, PT, OCS, COMT, FAAOMPT 
Fellowship Program Director

Mobilization vs Manipulation for Neck and Back Pain — Is There a Difference? It Depends on
How You Study Them.
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MT-1: Essential Peripheral Seminar (3.1 CEUs/35 CCUs)
Cost: $650.00
Location Date Status
Riverhead, NY 01/26-28/2018 Completed
Havertown/Philadelphia, PA 01/26-28/2018 Completed
Braintree/Boston, MA 01/26-28/2018 Completed
Washington, DC 01/26-28/2018 Completed
Durham, NC 01/26-28/2018 Completed
Chicago, IL 03/02-04/2018 confirmed
New York City, NY 03/23-25/2018 confirmed
Nashua, NH 04/06-08/2018
San Tan Valley/Phoenix, AZ 04/13-15/2018
St. Louis, MO 04/13-15/2018
Carson City, NV 04/13-15/2018 confirmed
Antioch/Nashville, TN 04/20-22/2018
Freehold, NJ 04/27-29/2018
Decatur/Atlanta, GA 05/04-06/2018
MADRID, SPAIN, International 05/24-27/2018
Old Westbury, NY 06/01-03/2018
Lutz/Tampa, FL 08/17-19/2018
Akron, OH 09/14-16/2018
Colorado Springs, CO 09/14-16/2018
Fairfax, VA 09/14-16/2018
Chicago, IL 09/28-30/2018
New York, NY 09/28-30/2018
Nashville, TN 10/26-28/2018
Tarzana/Los Angeles, CA 11/02-04/2018
Pensacola, FL 01/25-27/2019
Brooklyn, NY 01/25-27/2019
Chicago, IL 03/22-24/2019
Fairfax, VA 04/05-07/2019

MT-2: Essential Spinal Seminar (3.2 CEUs)
Cost: $650.00
Location Date Status
Decatur/Atlanta, GA 01/26-28/2018 Completed
San Tan Valley/Phoenix, AZ 02/09-11/2018 Completed
Nashville, TN 02/23-25/2018 confirmed
White Plains, NY 03/02-04/2018 confirmed
Dover, DE 03/23-25/2018 confirmed
Jonesboro, AR 04/13-15/2018 confirmed
Telford, PA 04/13-15/2018 confirmed
Durham, NC 04/13-15/2018 confirmed
Chicago, IL 04/20-22/2018
San Clemente, CA 04/20-22/2018
Colorado Springs, CO 04/27-29/2018
Clermont/Orlando, FL 04/27-29/2018
Washington , DC 05/04-06/2018
Braintree, MA 05/18-20/2018
Fort Lauderdale, FL 08/24-26/2018
Riverhead, NY 09/21-23/2018
Chula Vista, CA 09/28-30/2018
Nashua, NH 09/28-30/2018
St. Louis, MO 09/28-30/2018
Lutz/Tampa, FL 10/12-14/2018
Hummelstown, PA 11/02-04/2018
Chicago, IL 11/16-18/2018
Fairfax, VA 11/30-02/2018
New York City, NY 11/30-02/2018
Louisville, KY 03/01-03/2019
Chicago, IL 05/17-19/2019

MT-3: Intermediate Spinal Seminar (3.1 CEUs)
Cost: $695.00
Location Date Status
Suffolk/Norfolk, VA 02/23-25/2018 confirmed
Old Westbury, NY 03/02-04/2018 Full, Waitlist Avail, Call Office
Nashua, NH 06/01-03/2018
Decatur/Atlanta, GA 08/17-19/2018
Arlington, VA 08/24-26/2018
Durham, NC 09/14-16/2018
San Clemente, CA 09/28-30/2018
Des Peres/St. Louis, MO 11/30-02/2018
Telford, PA 11/30-02/2018
Chicago, IL 03/01-03/2019
Riverhead, NY 03/08-10/2019

MT-4: Differential Assessment & Clinical Reasoning Seminar (3.0 CEUs)
Cost: $695.00
Location Date Status
Clearwater/Tampa, FL 04/27-29/2018
Old Westbury, NY 09/28-30/2018
Decatur/Atlanta, GA 11/02-04/2018
Arlington, VA 11/30-02/2018
Telford, PA 04/26-28/2019
San Clemente, CA 05/03-05/2019

COMT Certification (0 CEUs)
Cost: $975.00
Print Out An Application
Location Date Status
Nashville, TN 01/19-21/2018 Completed
Old Westbury, NY 03/16-18/2018 Confirmed and Full
Chicago, IL 06/01-03/2018
Clearwater/Tampa, FL 10/19-21/2018
Reading, PA 03/06-08/2020

Cost: $.00
Location Date Status
To Be Announced

MT-G: Geriatric Manual Therapy Seminar (2.4 CEUs)
Cost: $595.00
Location Date Status
Denver, CO 06/02-03/2018
Great Neck, NY 06/09-10/2018
Chicago, IL 09/08-09/2018
Reading, PA 10/13-14/2018
Washington, DC 10/13-14/2018
Nashville, TN 12/01-02/2018
Clermont/Orlando, FL 05/04-05/2019

MT-M: Spinal and Peripheral Manipulation Seminar (3.3 CEUs)
Cost: $675.00
Location Date Status
Totowa, NJ 05/18-20/2018 confirmed
Arlington, VA 06/01-03/2018
Brooklyn, NY 05/31-02/2019

MT-R: MAPS Review Seminar (2.5 CEUs)
Cost: $675.00
Location Date Status
New York City, NY 01/26-28/2018 Completed
Chicago, IL 05/04-06/2018 confirmed
Clearwater/Tampa, FL 07/27-29/2018
Reading, PA 12/06-08/2019

MT-SIJ: Sacroiliac Joint and Pelvis Seminar (2.0 CEUs/19 CCUs)
Cost: $595.00
Location Date Status
Dumfries, VA 04/14-15/2018
Havertown/Philadelphia, PA 05/19-20/2018
Nashville, TN 08/25-26/2018
Edison, NJ 09/15-16/2018
Old Westbury, NY 11/03-04/2018
Clermont/Orlando, FL 02/23-24/2019
Chicago, IL 04/13-14/2019
Brooklyn, NY 10/05-06/2019

MT-ST: Stabilization Training & Functional Rehabilitation Seminar (2.8 CEUs)
Cost: $650.00
Location Date Status
Nashville, TN 01/26-28/2018 Completed
Charlotte (Indian Land, SC), NC 03/02-04/2018 confirmed
Indian Land (Charlotte, NC), SC 03/02-04/2018 confirmed
Washington, DC 03/09-11/2018 confirmed
Riverhead, NY 04/13-15/2018
St. Joseph, MI 04/27-29/2018
Pensacola, FL 05/18-20/2018
Des Peres/St. Louis, MO 06/01-03/2018
Telford, PA 09/21-23/2018
Louisville, KY 09/28-30/2018
Denver, CO 10/12-14/2018
Freehold, NJ 10/12-14/2018
Fairfax, VA 01/25-27/2019
Chicago, IL 05/03-05/2019

MT-O: Evidence-Based Orthopedic Diagnostic Evaluation Seminar (2.6 CEUs)
Cost: $650.00
Location Date Status
Edmonds/Seattle, WA 03/02-04/2018 confirmed
Havertown/Philadelphia, PA 03/23-25/2018 confirmed
Chicago, IL 03/23-25/2018 confirmed
San Clemente, CA 06/01-03/2018
Decatur/Atlanta, GA 09/14-16/2018
Murfreesboro/Nashville, TN 09/21-23/2018
Suffolk, VA 09/28-30/2018
Brooklyn, NY 10/26-28/2018
Clermont/Orlando, FL 11/02-04/2018
Chesterfield/St. Louis, MO 11/02-04/2018
Riverhead, NY 05/03-05/2019

Cost: $525.00
Location Date Status
Neuquen, Argentina: MT-2, 04/21-23/2018
Buenos Aires, Argentina: MT-1, 04/27-29/2018
Cordoba, Argentina: MT-2, 05/04-06/2018
Buenos Aires, Argentina: MT-2, 11/10-12/2018
Cordoba, Argentina: MT-ST, 11/16-18/2018

MT-UC: Upper Cervical Dysfunction Seminar (2.9 CEUs)
Cost: $675.00
Location Date Status
Gray, TN 04/06-08/2018
New York City, NY 04/27-29/2018
Indian Land (Charlotte), SC 05/18-20/2018
Chicago, IL 10/19-21/2018
Riverhead, NY 11/30-02/2018
San Clemente, CA 03/01-03/2019
Havertown/Philadelphia, PA 05/17-19/2019

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Looking for a COMT? This list of Certified Orthopedic Manual Therapists (or COMTs) includes all COMT graduates worldwide, as well as MAPS faculty. We suggest that you visit this page often to check course confirmation status and to find new courses which are added frequently. Our seminars incorporate the teaching of Geoff Maitland and others who have contributed to what has become known as the "Maitland-Australian Approach". Registering for classes is easy. Submit full payment with the registration form. Reservations are limited and are on a first come, first serve basis. Come meet our world-class faculty. Each of our faculty has experience in a wide variety of manual therapy practices and specialty areas.


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