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MT-SIJ: Sacroiliac Joint and Pelvis Seminar

MT-SIJ Course Description (15.25 Direct Contact Hours/2.0 CEUs/18 CCUs)
This 2-day course is an introduction to Evidence-Based assessment and treatment of the SIJ and Pelvis. The emphasis is on using current "best evidence" to improve diagnostic and treatment outcomes. Differential assessment of the Lumbar Spine, Hip, SIJ and Pelvis are taught and practiced. The seminar is 75% lab format, offering individual, supervised laboratory instruction. Examination and treatment methods are based upon peer-reviewed published evidence. An extensive reference list is provided. Includes required Home Study course component of approximately 4.5 hours.

MT-SIJ Course Schedule*

Day 1: 8:00am-5:30pm
Day 2: 8:00am-5:00pm
Times subject to change.*

MT-SIJ Course Requirements

  • Open to PTs, MDs, DCs, DOs, PTAs, and ATs. Enrollment limited. Lab clothes required for all sessions
  • Post test requires competency of 70% and overall competency of 70%. 
  • Full CEUs require 100% direct contact attendance and completion of all Home Study assignments.

MT-SIJ Course Objectives/Learning Outcomes
 At the conclusion of this course participants will be able to;

  • Discuss and analyze the biomechanics and gross movement of the sacroiliac joint
  • Discuss and analyze the biomechanics of the pubic symphysis
  • Recognize at least three anatomical contributors to form and force closure of the pelvis
  • Identify and discuss the relationship between lumbar and pelvic stabilization processes
  • Outline an evidence-based examination process and be able to discuss and/or perform one
  • Identify and demonstrate at least two treatment methods that restore normal sacroiliac and joint pelvis dysfunction
  • Compare and contrast at least two selected special tests designed to identify pelvis dysfunction
  • Recognize and apply at least one muscle energy technique to realign the pelvis
  • Using evidence, apply at least one stabilization technique that targets the appropriate musculature
  • Recognize and apply at least two special SIJ/pelvis tests with good diagnostic value